Dog from Animal Shelter Saves New Owner


- Sometimes rescuers need to be rescued, too.

Candace Jennings was sleeping on the couch when she was nudged awake by her dog, Anna, to find her mobile home engulfed in flames early Thanksgiving Day. 

The blond heeler, an abused stray dog Jennings had adopted from an animal shelter, whined and howled until they ran outside.  "I had an awful headache.   The place was filled with smoke," she told the Idaho Statesman for a story published Saturday.  But Jennings said she ran back into her burning home to save some items.  "I'm a janitor in town," she said.  "I had everyone's keys in my backpack. I had to go back and get them. 

"She crawled back into her burning home in Idaho City, about 40 miles northeast of Boise, with Anna close at her side.But Jennings said she became disoriented and was nearly overcome by smoke. She tried to get back out but crawled in the wrong direction, heading toward the pantry instead of the door.  Anna showed her the way out.

"She pushed on me; she nudged me out the door," Jennings said.

The roof collapsed as Jennings, barefoot and wearing only pajamas, ran to some trees in the 15-degree weather. Jennings suffered burns to her feet and then frostbite. Anna and two other dogs Jennings has were not injured.

"She's a hero," said Jennings, an artist who has lived in the mountain town since 1975.

Grant Hawk, owner of the trailer park, said an electrical problem might have started the fire in the mobile home, which he said is a total loss.

Every winter, PETA receives reports about dogs who are forced to live outdoors curled up and shivering every night. They are trying to survive, even though their bones ache and they are suffering from frostbite. Some die from exposure because of a lack of basic shelter, yet most somehow pull through, suffering terribly from the cold and damp conditions all winter long. To bring a little comfort to as many of these dogs as we can, we build and deliver hundreds of sturdy, straw-filled doghouses every year to very poor communities.

This winter, you have a unique opportunity to give the wonderful gift of shelter, warmth, and safety to a sorely neglected dog. By becoming an Angel for Animals doghouse sponsor or giving that gift on behalf of another caring person, you can help these dogs deal with the bitterly cold winter—finally protected from the snow, sleet, and storms.
  • Your "Angel for Animals" sponsorship gift of $265 can provide one doghouse to a needy dog.
  • Your "Angel for Animals" gift of $530 can provide doghouses to two dogs.
  • Your "Angel for Animals" gift of $1,325 can provide doghouses to five dogs.
Please make as generous a sponsorship gift as you can to help us provide homes to as many needy dogs as possible!

Donations to are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

If you would prefer to speak to one of our staff members to make your donation, please call our Norfolk, Va., office at 757-622-7382.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. - N. Hill

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